The Satanic Temple TV (TSTTV) is a media-services platform owned and operated by Cinephobia LLC. Launched in 2019, TSTTV provides a wide range of video content relevant to The Satanic Temple including but not limited to: live-stream video of rituals, ceremonies, protests and other gatherings; original new media series written and created exclusively for TSTTV; video footage of lectures and interviews; and documentary-style features about our campaigns, protests, and other activities. Cinephobia LLC is not a part of The Satanic Temple, but operates TSTTV as a service to benefit The Satanic Temple's religious community and their friends and allies. For more information about The Satanic Temple, its mission and activities, please visit thesatanictemple.com.

Core Values

True to the principles put forth in our philosophy, we have created neither a mindless entertainment platform nor a propaganda station for The Satanic Temple; rather, TSTTV is a unique streaming platform that will challenge and enrich our viewers by exposing them to multiple views and lesser known works of merit. Log in and let your Satanic education and entertainment begin.”

Lucien Greaves, Spokesperson and Co-Founder, The Satanic Temple